Gimme 5: Mind-Blowing Sci-Fi Flicks!

I realize that I don’t give science-fiction films their due on this website. We all have our own favorite genres though, and science-fiction has never been one of my favorites, so my knowledge in this area is not as expansive as other types of films. But I always try to keep an open mind and don’t immediately reject them (case in point: I thought the best film of last year was a science-fiction film…). And though I certainly respect the artists behind these highly imaginative tales, I never really got into any of the Star Treks, Jurassic Parks, or even the Alien series (I know, I know). But I know many movie-lovers and film bloggers can’t get enough science-fiction, so I thought to get your input on your Top 5 Science-Fiction Films. I hope to get a lot of feedback on this one — if for no other reason than because of my limited familiarity with the genre. Based on your recommendations, I can put them in my rental queue and give them a shot.
So start the countdown, get ready for lift-off (how lame is that intro?!) and —


I will start…

1. Blade Runner (R. Scott)
(despite the hokey narration, there is no denying how brilliant this film is. Gorgeous art direction and camera work here)
2. The Matrix (the Wachowski Brothers)
(A triumph of a screenplay and still seems ahead of its time)
3. 2001: A Space Odyssey (S. Kubrick)
(perhaps the gold-standard of all sci-fi films — a revolutionary work)
4. Metropolis (F. Lang)
(The design & effects of this futuristic society are still wondrous to look at, considering this is a relic from German Expressionism movement)
5. District 9 (N. Blomkamp)
(I was so surprised at how much I loved this movie. Brilliant storytelling & profound/subtle social commentary)

Now It’s YOUR Turn!!!


43 Responses to Gimme 5: Mind-Blowing Sci-Fi Flicks!

  1. Trophy Mule In Particular says:

    1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    2. Primer
    3. Code 46
    4. Pi
    5. Final

    • I never really got into Pi. I know many love it. Eternal Sunshine is brilliant and one of my faves…not sure if I’d put it in the sci-fi realm, even with the bizarre premise. Thanks for chipping in!

  2. rtm says:

    I’m glad you included District 9, Peter, that’d make my top five for sure! I’d have to think up the other 4.

    • rtm says:

      Ok, here’s my 5 in random order:

      • District 9
      • Equilibrium
      • Inception
      • The Abyss
      • The Matrix

      Honorable mention: Minority Report

      • I still have to see Equilibrium. It was mentioned before, so I definitely have to give that a look. I really like The Abyss. Glad to see more love for District 9 and The Matrix here…nice list, Ruth…even with Inception. Haha!!!

  3. Heather says:

    First, while you didn’t add the essentials Pete, I am enthused by the options you DID choose. In particularly Blade Runner.

    Mine are obvious to those that know me, but here they are:

    1. Aliens
    2. Empire Strikes Back
    3. The Wrath Of Khan
    4. Terminator 2
    5. 2001: A Space Odyssey

    Blade Runner, Jurassic Park, Twelve Monkeys, and Eternal Sunshine give good showings in my book. I also have a special spot for Happy Accidents.

    • I think that’s the problem. I don’t know what the “essentials” are. I just went with 5 I really love. I never got into the Star Treks or Alien franchise at all. I do enjoy T2 and 2001 on your list. I do like the first two Star Wars films as well.

      • Heather says:

        I guess in this kind of list if you aren’t a typical Sci-Fi junkie it’s going to create for a different kind of list which is what makes it interesting. I have the essentials on mine which makes it predictable, though they are also the ones I love the most so that’s why I added them, even though I have appreciation for ones that are less “essential” ha!

  4. Sebastian says:

    In no order

    District 9

    • Glad to see District 9 on someone’s 5. Great film! Sunshine is a good choice too. I have to put Equilibrium in my queue.

    • Heather says:

      I like your inclusion of Equilibrium…………..and while Avatar rocked my socks off, I don’t know that it’s mind blowing…………the same thing with Sunshine……….that while entertaining was many many many other science fiction stories recycled.

  5. Will Silver says:

    In no order off the top of my head:
    Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    Total Recall

  6. Marc says:

    Since this post looks like it’s open to a lot of interpretation I’ll throw my hat into the ring and await similar criticism:P

    The Matrix
    The Arrival
    Total Recall

  7. Tracey says:

    The Abyss

    And for some reason I have to put Avatar on this list. I didn’t LOVE it but visually it was borderline mind-blowing.

  8. Dan says:

    For mind-blowing it has to be – Kubrick’s 2001.

    For sheer entertainment:

    1) Alien/Aliens (both horror sci-fi)
    2) Close Encounters of the Third KInd
    3) E.T.
    4) Back To The Future
    5) Planet of the Apes

  9. Shannon says:

    No particular order:

    Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
    28 Days Later
    Cube (Cube 2: Hypercube AND Cube Zero) Effing fantastic movies.

  10. Nora says:

    Love this one! 🙂 Peter, no E.T.? I’m surprised.
    1. Wall-E
    2. Jurassic Park
    3. Star Wars (Empire Strikes Back)
    4. Planet of the Apes
    5. Back to the Future

  11. Raul Duke says:

    I was never a big fan as you but I have a few that might be considered.

    1) Sleeper. I caonsider this sci-fi and am quite surprised it’s not on your list . HA!
    2) 2001. Love it. And as previously discussed HAL is not a villian. He has a plug. He is an appliance.
    3) Space Balls. Sci-Fi my way.
    4) The Abyss. Who says it has to be outer space.
    5) The Time Machine. H.G. Wells

    • Nora says:

      I forgot to put Spaceballs on mine. HA! Light speed is too slow. We’re going to have to go right to ludicrous speed.

    • Believe it or ot, I never saw The Time Machine. I need to see that one. Love Sleeper, but it wasn’t even on my Top 10 Woody films. I love the phrase, “sci-fi my way.” Very, well…you. Haha!

  12. Corey says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the genre either, but there are several sci-fi films that I absolutely love.

    1. 2001: A Space Odyssey
    2. Blade Runner
    3. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    4. Alien
    5. Back to the Future (not sure if it counts, but I’ll put it down anyway)

    • Of course BTTF counts. for sure. Good picks. Looks like your Twins and my Yankees will be on for this Wednesday…unless the Yanks somehow take the division. Good luck!!!!

      • Corey says:

        I’m still holding out hope that New York can win the division. With the way the Twins are playing right now, I don’t think they want any part of the Yankees in the first round. Should be interesting either way though.

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