Lily the Pug

This is Lily, my adorable pug. I have dubbed her the honorary mascot for this website (I can hear your laughter from here and yes, it is most likely warranted). I adopted Lily from the Pug Rescue of Greater New York when she was a year and a half (back in December 2001). I was living out-of-state at the time and brought her home to be little sister to my older pug, Annie Hall. Lily is chubby, adorable and healthy – she is sweetness incarnate. She loves: her treats, fruits and veggies, the beach (but not the pool), sleeping at the foot of the bed, snoring loudly while asleep, rides in the car, and small red laser pointers!

Lily is an older gal at 11, but she still has plenty of giddy-up and will be with us for a long, long while. Here’s a couple of more pics of my puggie for ya:


My first pug’s name was Annie Hall — an homage to both Woody Allen and the marvelous Diane Keaton. Also, I lived in New York City at the time and thought that this would make her a true “New York” puggie. Annie had a burst of personality and was nothing short of a blessing to have in my life. She was very ill at too young an age and passed away at 3 1/2 years old. She was just the best. Here’s 2 pics of Ms. Annie Hall…I miss her every day and then some.


I had a crazy Whack-a-Doo black pug named Beatrice (see pics below) – a beautiful, loving pug that I enjoyed playing with each and every day. Regretfully, she is currently living with a crazed, spiteful and bitter beast – part Lamia, part Delphyne, according to those unfortunate enough to have witnessed the creature up close. It goes without saying that this woman is considered to be highly dangerous. Lord help you, crazy Bea.


7 Responses to Lily the Pug

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  2. donna says:

    In Danish, “Trold” means “Troll” (the mythologic character, a kind of monster). From Wikipedia

  3. Nora says:

    Hahaha I have no words… poor Beatrice.

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