On a Brief Hiatus: Big Move Ahead!

So it is the 5th day of November already and I have yet to write a single post for The Lantern this month. No, I am not being lazy or dismissing my blogging duties. Actually, I have been crazy busy and haven’t stopped moving since last weekend. I am in the middle of a big move and trying to get everything settled as quickly and as efficiently as possible. I accepted a wonderful job in the great state of Virginia and will be moving down there (from Long Island, NY) next week. I spent Monday-Wednesday looking at many, many apartments in the area and found a great home, so that’s all set. It is a wonderful opportunity for me and looks like a terrific job with awesome people. So I am excited for the new start, but sad to leave my close family and friends. Bittersweet is the best way to put it. But I am sure I will be back up often and I have a spare bedroom for all who want to come visit and see Washington DC (very close) and Virginia.

Needless to say, I am falling behind in my movies just as the potential award nominees are being released. But that is only temporary. Once I am settled in, I will be sure to catch up and begin writing more posts the week of November 15th! I’ll try and write one or two posts before then, if I can squeeze it in. Sorry to my fellow bloggers for not checking out your posts recently — I will get back to reading your sites once I get the cable guys over. Thanks to everyone — now if you will please excuse me…I have more boxes to pack. Aaaggghhhh!!!!

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