Weekend Humor: The Alamo DraftHouse Message

If you are a film geek like me, chances are that you want to scream at that person in the theater sitting in your line of vision who whips out their trusty cell phone for a quick little chat. Chances are that you want to throw Jujyfruits at the patron who is having a nice, friendly text chat over the course of the movie. Chances are that, you too would like to ‘accidentally” spill your large bucket of buttery popcorn all over the douchebag whose phone goes off whilst in the theater.

Well, the folks running The Alamo Drafthouse apparently feel the same exact way and are one of the few theaters to institute a zero-tolerance rule…if you talk or text during a movie, they kick your ass out. What do I say to that? Simply this…”Bravo!”

I saw this video on my friend’s Facebook page — and had to post it here on The Lantern for the “Weekend Humor” section. It’s an actual voicemail message that an irate (an obviously uneducated) customer left after getting the boot from one of their theaters in Austin. It’s a pretty funny listen — and I totally admire the fact that the people at The Alamo Drafthouse stand by their position. I only wish every theater followed suit. Enjoy!!!


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