Weekend Humor: Kubrick Bloopers!

I thought I’d celebrate the 40th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s brilliant A Clockwork Orange (Christ, I’m old) in completely inappropriate fashion – by finally doing another ‘Weekend Humor’ post in Mr. Kubrick’s honor. This humorous collage of animated Kubrick bloopers was created by Dan Meth – and features some fun “outtakes” from Spartacus, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, Eyes Wide Shut – and of course, A Clockwork Orange. Kudos to Mr. Meth (who I do not know) for creating a funny bit here that I happened to stumble across on YouTube.

“Clockwork” certainly deserves a much more serious posting, praising its outstanding merits – and I will make sure to do that at some point soon. This will do for now. A Clockwork Orange remains, for me, one of the greatest films ever made – a shoe-in for my Top 20 of all-time. Click and enjoy — have a great weekend everyone!


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