Golden Globes Prove Again How Laughable They Really Are!

Golden Globes, you suck. To be completely honest, I have never sat down in the cozy comforts of my home to sit and actually watch this sorry excuse for an Awards ceremony. I never took them – or the Hollywood Foreign Press – very seriously at all (and the nominees that come out each year give me very good reason to ignore them completely; this year’s roster of contenders being no exception). In my estimation, they are one notch up from an MTV Movie Award. I can vividly recall an old Simpsons episode that made fun of how useless the Golden Globe award is (compared to others) – and it is, to this day, very much appreciated by this viewer.

It is true that this year (like the past few years) has been a relatively weak year for film. As always, there have been some stand-outs and I look forward to compiling my own Top 10 of the Year list in the near future. Since my big move down to Virginia in early November, I have not only been slacking in my blogging duties (which I hope to get back into the swing of, starting with this entry), but in my viewing of films as well. To date, I have only seen 85 eligible films for 2010 – with about 40 still left on my “Must-See” list. It will happen…it always does, even if it means renting these films in the early months of the new year.

So I look over this year’s Golden Globe nominees and the first deadly sin is that nowhere do I see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – one of the Top 3 films of the year, for certain. Never mind that the 2nd and 3rd installments were not nearly as solid as the first and the early-in-the-year release date – it is a shame that this remarkably powerful film was left out in the December cold. And poor Noomi Rapace. I have yet to see a better, more courageous performance by a leading actress this year. And I will take it a step further – I think Ms. Rapace gave the most daring, most uninhibited performance by a female star in years. I can only hope that other awards (including the prestigious Oscars) don’t make this same terrible mistake.

Here is where it gets truly comical – Red? The Tourist? Burlesque? All nominated for Best Comedic Motion Picture?! Really???!!! This is what it has come to? Ah, yes…but I forget. This is the same Association that nominated Basic Instinct for “Best Picture.” Even Alice in Wonderland was nominated. Now I enjoyed Tim Burton’s film more than most and thought it was very well made, but “Best Picture” material? Four more reasons why this “Award” is laughable right there. So I guess when The Kids Are All Right wins (which it most surely will) in this category, that manages to bring some legitimacy to the evening’s festivities for the very lame, right?

I have already come to grips with the fact that Christopher Nolan’s Inception will get a slew of nominations for every film awards ceremony despite the fact that, in my opinion, it was much more shine over substance. Before the film was even released people were hailing it as a masterpiece, and the praise continued long after its summer frenzy. I still contend that there are far too many holes in this film with supporting characters that walk around with little to no meaning for existing.

I won’t even get into the TV nominations because I don’t have a leg to stand on in that regard. I don’t watch TV – and I am very glad for that. I truly feel that the Golden Globes are really just for those dolts who want to sit and gawk at the stars having a good time – not for people who love cinema. These are people who also watch a lot of TV, read Us Weekly (or People…your pick) and like to know who is dating who and which couples are “on the outs.” I used to live with a woman who would occasionally fly out to California for the sole purpose of seeing this egomaniacal charade and doing the whole red carpet thing. She would take a bunch of photos of these celebrities who don’t know her in the least (let alone care about her) and then quickly and carefully put them all in a photo album and show it to everyone who would humor her by looking interested in it. I thought, “How sad is that.” And when January 16th rolls around and I see so many comments on Facebook actually taking this trash seriously, I will again shake my head and think to myself, “How sad is that…”


13 Responses to Golden Globes Prove Again How Laughable They Really Are!

  1. rtm says:

    Hi Peter, welcome back! Hope you’re enjoying your new home and job.

    Sorry for the late comment, I was away all last week in the North East. Guess what, I finally made it to NYC during the holidays. As you said, it was indeed magical.

    As for GG, well we’re pretty much in the same boat. The Tourist and RED nominations are just downright silly.

    • Ruthie!!! I miss chatting with you via the web. Hope you have been well and that you had a great holiday! I am so happy to hear that you made it to New York — would love to hear more about it — see some pics. I have to check out FlixChatter. Since my move to VA I have been downright awful at keeping my own blog and checking the ones I love, like yours. Hopefully, I will get into the groove again in short time. My best to you — and thanks for reading again!

      • rtm says:

        Hi again Peter, yes I miss you too! My trip to Northeast was splendid, great time with family and sightseeing in NYC. You must miss it terribly, it’s such an enchanting city though kinda intimidating for me to actually live there. My hubby’s been slow in posting the photos, usually he’s got ’em up on Flickr.

        Hey, take your time about the blog. I hear ya, it’s so time consuming to do especially when you juggle a full time job and family. But y’know you can always count on me and a lot of other folks on keeping up with your blog!

  2. 5plitreel says:

    The comedy/musical best film category was atrocious, but to be fair there hasn’t been that many good films that came out this year in that genre. Maybe they should’ve just given two nominations : p

    Isn’t the girl with the dragon tattoo categorised for year 2009? I’m not sure how it goes, but since it was released in Northern Europe way before 2010 I don’t think it can be nominated now? Or is it based on when the film was released in the Us…

    • I believe Tattoo is eligible for the American-based Academy award since it didn’t get released here until 2010. I am not 100% on that though. If last year, why no noms last year???? It was brilliant! You are right – atrocious is a fitting word to describe the GG comedy category this year. Not surprised though. Those awards are laughable.

  3. Cinemafunk says:

    Good to have you back, Peter. Yeah these awards ceremonies are all just politics. Anytime you have to take out ads to promote your film as an award nominee its pretty much a popularity contest.

    • Agreed, Aaron. Usually very political, but for some reason, I do get sucked into the Oscars. That’s the only one though. Hope you are well — and thanks for the kind words!

  4. Castor says:

    The great Peter Eramo is back in the blogosphere!! 🙂

    Well you already know my thoughts about this whole fiasco… I guess we didn’t get the memo that The Tourist is comedy or a musical lol. I realize it wasn’t the greatest years of comedies but I could easily name 10 movies that would have been more deserving of being nominated for Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical. Same thing for the performances in this category…

    • Kick-Ass was funny — and one of the year’s best. Even Scott pilgrim was pretty awesome and very well made. The noms just stink! I read your piece and agree completely. Thanks for the nice comment, Castor. I’m back. Slowly, but getting there!

  5. What the fuck is this? How did The Tourist, Red, and Burlesque got nominated?

    Is this going to be like the Pia Zadora incident all over again?

    Man, if I do make in films and find myself up for some Golden Globes. I’ll show up but I’ll say “fuck you” to the Hollywood Foreign Press and smash the fucking trophy on the ground.

    • So glad to see another that agrees. I’m sure most who are into and appreciate film like we do will have the same sentiment(s). Good note on Pia…Sharon Stone took one home too for her over-the-top performance in Casino. These “awards” are comical.

  6. Richard says:

    Hey, Peter. Good to see you back at the helm again. 🙂

    Great return post. Opinion over the Golden Globes seems to have been fairly unanimous among the blogging community, that opinion being a huge wet fart. I don’t take a great deal of notice of awards, and the Golden Globes reminds me why each year. Burlesque, my ass.

    I’ve migrated to a new site now, by the way, Celluloid Zombie. Blah! Movie Edition is being retired. I just posted my own Top Ten of 2010 if you’re interested.

    Welcome back, Peter. 🙂

    • Thanks Richard! It’s good to start writing on the Lantern again. It’s been too long. Been so busy with the new home and job — I have to start getting back in the swing. Thank you for the nice comments though. I will also take note of your new site. Thank you for the heads up. I look forward to reading you again, and your Top 10. Too early to put mine up yet because there a a few I still need to see.

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