Magic Lantern Milestone: My 100th Post!!!

So here it is! Magic Lantern Film’s first real milestone — my 100th post on this website!!! I thought I would take a moment and reflect on my mighty blog and share some thoughts with you. First, as you know, I have always had a tremendous love for film. Ever since I was little, I have had an immense passion for theatre and motion pictures. But that isn’t what compelled me to start this website. I never even really gave the idea much thought, if any at all. Last year, I was inspired by a friend of mine who posted his “Top 10 Horror Films of the Decade” on his personal movie blog. He had posted it on Facebook and I gave it a read. I never looked at a film blog before this. I thought, “That’s pretty cool. I would love to start my own, especially as I tend to have rather loud opinions of my own on anything movie-related.” So I asked some questions, created a WordPress account, and wrote my very first post on December 26, 2009The 10 Best Films of the Decade (2000-2009).

I didn’t write another post until February, exactly two months later. I had no followers, of course (with the exception of a couple of close friends and family members). I didn’t realize at the time that it was something I wanted to keep up on a semi-regular basis. For this second post, I wrote about my personal thoughts on the nominations for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. It wasn’t until April 2010 that I really began to immerse myself into this blog. I started learning a bit more about WordPress and graphics and such; I began to write movie reviews and add other features to the site (movie polls, and the weekly “Gimme 5” feature that was given to me by Raul Duke). I saw that a few of the other sites had Podcasts, so I thought to do something a bit different. I started my own Video Web Rants to try to do the same thing, but on a more personal level (I need to get back to doing that more often and I certainly will, especially as the Oscar race begins to heat up). I started finding other film blogs and reading their opinions. I had no idea that there were so many movie bloggers out there! An entire sub-culture of people who have the same passion for movies as I do — and we communicate regularly on each other’s sites. All of these terrific movie blogs with voices of their own — all intelligent, creative, distinct, and pretty damn good writers. It has been my pleasure to get to know all of these movie lovers a bit via cyberspace. I won’t name them all, but my BlogRoll lists a good number of these excellent film blogs and the knowledgeable people behind them.

The blog takes up a good deal of my time and very often I get frustrated, wondering why I am even doing this. I don’t get paid (yet). The audience is a bit limited. I could be doing any number of other things. But then I get a few comments on a particular post, or people chime in on a weekly “Gimme 5” and it all seems worth it. I love going to the movies…I love writing about movies; I enjoy creating these Top 10 Lists, despite how much time it takes to research and write it all out.

It is also amazing to see just how many visitors the Magic Lantern Film Blog gets. Since March 2010, the number of visits to the site has grown exponentially each and every month — and it has continued to grow. That is very encouraging to me and puts a smile on my face when I see the statistics. I hope that trend continues. I also hope to keep adding to the site, bit by bit. A few goals I have for the near future are (1) to hire someone (much more knowledgeable than me) to create a new layout to the site and make it look much more appealing (2) to be linked to sites such as Amazon, Netflix and such where readers can make purchases (3) to produce the video web rants on a regular basis with much higher quality (4) connect to even more film bloggers and their sites, and (5) to continue the trend of having more and more people find the blog and to find it interesting enough to keep coming back to it.

So that is it! 100 posts. Sounded like a round enough number to resemble some sort of minor accomplishment. I hope to get through the next 100 in much quicker fashion. Thank you to everyone who has visited the site and many, many thanks to those who have bookmarked it and continue to read on a regular basis. As always, I would love to hear from you — your own thoughts and opinions on writing a blog, or any honest thoughts you have about this one in particular. I am always looking for constructive criticism to help make this site even better. Any questions you have, I’ll take those too.

Thanks again!!!


27 Responses to Magic Lantern Milestone: My 100th Post!!!

  1. John says:

    You have a fantastic blog. It’s a more intelligent version of what I’d hoped to do with my own. I have to ask- is the “Magic Lantern” moniker in reference to Bergman? Because if so, you’re going in my blogroll.

    • Hi John. Yes, the Magic Lantern is an homage to Bergman. As you sem to know, it is a reference to his autobiography. So I guess that puts me in your Blogroll!!! I will have to check out your site this afternoon. Thank you for the kind compliments here. It is very much appreciated. I try to put some decent posts here – one thing I need to do is “gussy” it up a bit more. Hopefully, soon. Thank you!!!

  2. Ross McG says:

    good man Peter. keep em comin

  3. pennymaker says:

    Congratulations, Peter!
    I’m so glad you decided to do this blog and let people into your film-infested brain. I love reading and/or watching those loud opinions on everything from your guy Woody to bad television-gone-Hollywood. You’re an excellent writer and your passion for film is obviously wonderful, but anyone who reads MLF already knows that.
    I don’t read your blog just to hear what you have to say. I read it because I used to go to the movies all the time, cram as many into a weekend as I could… then, eh, I didn’t but missed it. Seeing your posts and reading other people’s comments, especially on the “Gimme 5’s”, forces me to think of so many films that I loved, yet forgot about. It also reminds me of the who, what and where that go along with the movie as well, which is kinda my favorite part. And for that, I Thank You!! 🙂
    I hope you have a long life here in cyber-land and that all of your hard work and dedication comes back to you tenfold in the form of prai$e! 😉

    • Wow, so very nice of you to share your thoughts here. I’m very appreciative. Thank you very much for your kind compliments as well. I hope that MLF continues to grow and get better and in time, I am sure that it will. I also enjoy reading everyone’s comments on the “Gimme 5” — it’s fun to see what everyone’s tastes are. Thank you again!!!

  4. rtm says:

    Sorry I’m late but CONGRATS, Peter!!! I LOVE your blog, I think content is really what matters in a blog and on that note, you deliver BIG TIME!! I love your Gimme 5 series, but your random thoughts posts and reviews are great too. As others have said, looking forward to your 1000th post! 😀

    Btw, on this note “The blog takes up a good deal of my time and very often I get frustrated, wondering why I am even doing this. I don’t get paid (yet).” I too feel the exact same way, but every time I get a comment or get featured on a site like IMDb, it adds an extra spring in my [blogging] steps 😀 I do hope to improve my blog and create a custom layout for it, but I haven’t found the time yet. In any case, I just want to end with “Glad I found your blog!”

    • Thanks, Ruth!!! And likewise, I love FlixChatter and checking out your thoughts on film as well. Hopefully, IMDb will pick up one of my pieces at some point. That would be sweet. Thank you so much for the kind words….So glad and appreciative to have readers like you.

  5. Castor says:

    Congrats on the big milestone! Looking forward to your 1000th post!! 🙂

  6. Heather says:

    Congratulations to one of my favorite blogs in the websphere! I’m certain you’ll be around for at least one million or one thousand more. 😉

  7. Mad Hatter says:

    I’ve seen a lot of blogs not make it past the tenth post, let alone the one hundredth. Congratulations sir – here’s to one hundred more!

  8. Corey says:

    Congrats, Peter! I was lucky enough to stumble upon your site a few months ago and I’ve read every post since. Keep up the amazing work, even if you’re depressed when the Twins knock the Yankees out of the playoffs. Haha just kidding…..looking forward to reading your next 100 posts!

    • Thanks alot, Corey! Very kind of you. hey, the Yanks have owned the Twins in years past. At some point, that tide has to turn. Will be a great series for sure. Gardenhire is the best manager in baseball and has been for years.

  9. Donna says:

    Congratulations on 100 posts, Peter! I must say that I have enjoyed reading your posts and lists, and listening to your rants. I also love the fact that some of your blogs bring me back in time to movies that I have loved/hated over the years, but have forgotten. Your style is so witty and smooth, campy and yet intelligent, enabling you both breadth and depth, which is not always easy to accomplish when discussing film. Congratulations again, and here’s to another 100!

  10. Dan says:

    I was going to say that was quick but didn’t realise you’ve been blogging since December last year. For some reason when I started following Magic Lantern (about three or four months ago) I thought it was brand new – silly me! But I’m a regular ready now. Love your enthusiasm for film Peter! Here’s to another 100 posts! 🙂

  11. Simon/Ripley says:

    Congratu-fucking-lations, good sir.

  12. MAGGIE SIMI says:


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