Weekend Humor: “There Will be Bud”

This is perhaps the funniest parody of a film trailer I have ever seen. Based on the trailer for P.T. Anderson’s masterpiece of a film, There Will be Blood, Benver Droncos & Brain Spray Media bring you their own “420” slant on the storyline with There Will be Bud. What makes this so funny is how well done it all is — the music (by Band of the World), the incredible accuracy in comparing it to the actual film, and the uncanny portrayal of Daniel Day-Lewis as Daniel Plainview by Ross Marquand (his voice is dead on). If you know the movie, I think you’ll find this pretty hysterical and if you don’t know the movie (shame on you), I think it will bring some laughs anyway.



2 Responses to Weekend Humor: “There Will be Bud”

  1. tracey says:

    NICE! I was waiting for this!!! Makes me want to drink a milkshake…

  2. MAGGIE SIMI says:

    Didnt see the movie! Have a great holiday! god bless you:)!

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