Gimme 5: Guilty Pleasures!

We all have them. We know that they are bad movies with little redeeming qualities about them, yet we love them anyway. When we by happenstance catch them on TV, for some odd, mysterious reason, we cannot change the channel. We enjoy them too much. Sometimes we are even guilty of not admitting aloud that we like these films — but we know. We know deep down that we are secretly in love with these shameful movies. They are the ABBAs, the Jonas Brothers, the Yanni’s and the NKOTB’s of cinema.

So continue to live in denial if you want. That’s all right. I wouldn’t dream of judging you for liking Hudson Hawk or The Adventures of Pluto Nash. That’s your business. But for this week only, right here, right now, on this website, I want you to cleanse your cinematic soul and come clean. Yes, come clean and fess up to 5 bad movies that you can’t help but love. I promise I will not share or laugh; I will not mock or question. In fact, as always with the “Gimme 5,” I will be the first one to dip my toes into the cold waters. I will confess my own. I know this is a tough one, but I am hoping that you will be brave this week and….


#1. Roadhouse (1989)
(I know I’ve mentioned it before. I think there should be a Broadway musical based on Swayze’s philosophical ass-kicker!)
#2. Oscar (1991)
(I can’t help it!!! I thought Stallone and the entire cast was funny as hell in this one!)
#3. Cocktail (1988)
(Pure 80’s Cruise here. Plus, Elisabeth Shue is hot & I still wanna learn how to flip liquor bottles like that!)
#4. Ishtar (1987)
(This movie got a bum rap from the get-go, but I really get a kick out of watching Hoffman & Beatty do their thing.)
#5. Loverboy (1989)
(before Patrick Dempsey became simply nauseating to look at…)

Honorable Mentions: Just One of the Guys (1985), Swamp Thing (1982), and Guess Who? (2005)

Now it’s YOUR Turn!!!


54 Responses to Gimme 5: Guilty Pleasures!

  1. PL says:

    Night of the Living Dead (1990)
    Austin Powers

  2. rtm says:

    I posted one of my top guilty pleasures which is Atilla But here is four more:

    • Equilibrium
    • Multiplicity
    • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
    • Date With an Angel
    It’s a super cheesy 80s flick about falling in love with an angel, but it was one of my faves! Emmanuelle Beart did have such an angelic face. Man, I haven’t seen it in ages so I might see if Netflix has it 😀

  3. Richard says:

    Oh, man. Time to bare the soul.

    Charlie’s Angels – I don’t care what you think. It’s dumb and it knows it, and I can’t help but love it.
    Flash Gordon – “Bring me… the bore worms.” “No! Not the bore worms!” Oh, it doesn’t get better than this.
    Event Horizon – Come on, it wasn’t that bad. For a Paul WS Anderson movie, anyway.
    Never Been Kissed – Drew Barrymore again. It’s really not a fetish.
    Darkness Falls – Slated by the critics but I thought it was a cut above.

  4. Marc says:

    I did this a while back but it’s just so much fun to bring up this subject:)

    Here’s mine!

    Encino Man
    Hollywood Homicide
    The Arrival

    And No 6 goes to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. To which I thank Dan for saying it first:)

  5. Zelle says:

    Road house is gay enough. do you really need a musical.

  6. kaymayer says:

    1. Titanic – It’s the movie that nobody talks about but if someone’s watching it, everybody sits down with you. It’s like the ‘one rule of Fight Club, nobody talks about Fight Club’ thing.
    2. Showgirls – It’s the Miley Cyrus of the film world.
    3. Romeo + Juliet
    4. Dirty Dancing – How do you call your loverboy?
    5. Josie and the Pussycats – I have their music even downloaded from the film… I’m not sure if I lost my credibility with this one 😉

    • Oh boy..not sure what to say here. Josie and the Pussycats? Nice one to pull out here! I understand what you are saying about Titanic. Good reference to Fight Club there too…makes sense. Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. CMrok93 says:

    Just One of the Guys
    Saving Silverman
    Van Wilder
    G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra

  8. Corey says:

    Mine are mostly comedies

    Freddy Got Fingered
    Encino Man
    Love Actually
    Blades of Glory
    The Brothers Solomon

    • hahaha, these are terrible! Well done, Corey! I really think Love, Actually is a good flick. I love that one. Would you consider Serendipity a “guilty pleasure” beacause I wasn’t sure if it was or not — and I absolutely love that movie!!!

      • Corey says:

        Haha yeah, I’m not proud of some of these, but I can’t help it that I love horribly stupid comedies. And I wasn’t sure if Love Actually qualified, because you’re right about it being a pretty decent film. I just remember the critics weren’t too kind when it came out. I don’t think I’ve seen Serendipity, so I wouldn’t be able to comment on it. Perhaps I should check it out…

    • Marc says:

      Encino Man I totally agree (just love that one), but Love Actually…that’s actually a good movie and not a guilty pleasure.

  9. Nora says:

    Boondock Saints
    The Mummy
    Dante’s Peak
    Father of the Bride

    • Good picks, baby! I never got into Boondock, as you know. I love Airplane! Surprised you guys put it as a guilty pleasure. I think it’s a classic comedy film that is not in any way a “bad film.” The original Father of the Bride is terrific!

      • Nora says:

        Thank you. Yeah it’s classic, but I think guilty pleasure because it’s just sooo goofy. Certainly nothing award worthy. Just good old fashioned campy fun 🙂

    • Raul Duke says:

      There is much to be guilty about here> HAHA!

      • Nora says:

        HAHA I have no shame! Love me some mummies. and a good disaster flick.. I should also add, Dante’s Peak is much better than Volcano. I enjoy debating this…

  10. Raul Duke says:

    1) Tin Cup. What can I say Peter if you golf it’s a funny movie and I love how Costner and Cheech Marin play off each other.
    2) Gone in 60 Seconds. No value what so ever as a film except for the great cars and Angelina Jolie’s lips.
    3) Airplane. Just ridiculous. Lew Alcinder is very funny! And the auto pilot inflation kills me every time. Give me something light to read please.
    4) Smokey and the Bandit. More cars and broads, and yes Peter Jackie.
    5) XXX. I just like to watch them shoot Vin with those darts.

  11. Heather says:

    5. Mannequin-Kim Cattrell = Game over man, game over.

    4. Top Gun-Maverick, Goose, Slider, and Iceman have enough bravado to compensate for the homoerotic sexual tension that screams through this movie and it finales with Kenny Loggins, consider me in.

    3. Masters Of The Universe-The movie is silly, the effects are terrible, the acting is god awful, but I can’t help but love the most important thing about this flick: Obviously for Lundgrens great man breasts and the fact that Courtney Cox never had them.

    2. Dude Where’s My Car -Somewhere in the middle of mistaking an Ostrich for a Llama and a series of other events that have no relation or any sense or logic whatsoever this movie is hilarious. It’s so stupid it’s funny. I can’t help myself.

    1. Universal Solider-Lundgrens (yes him again) ear necklace is more than worth my time, not to mention Jean Claudes epic spin kicking. Lots of action, fun sci-fi, bad acting, but Lundgren and Van Damme = The Ultimate Awesomely Bad Movie

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