Gimme 5: Your Five Favorite Nic Cage Films!

OK, so today marks the release of one of the year’s most anticipated films and I know many (including myself) that are going to see it this weekend. So for this week’s “Gimme 5,” we’ll focus on THAT OTHER film being released today…that’s right — The Sorcerer’s Apprentice starring the one and only Nicolas Cage! Now the trailer for this didn’t look all that bad and I will most likely catch it when it is released on DVD. An Oscar-winner, Mr. Cage has a long and impressive resume (despite films like Ghost Rider, The Wicker Man and a few others) dating back to his feature-film debut in 1982 in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

So for this week, I am asking you movie-lovers to:


I will start…

5. Face/Off
4. Adaptation
3. Wild at Heart
2. Leaving Las Vegas
1. Matchstick Men

(this was actually much tougher than I thought it would be…)

Now, it’s YOUR Turn!!!


42 Responses to Gimme 5: Your Five Favorite Nic Cage Films!

  1. richardsblah says:


    1. Adaptation
    2. Kick-Ass
    3. Matchstick Men
    4. Bringing Out the Dead
    5. National Treasure

    Least Favourites

    1. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
    2. 8mm
    3. Knowing
    4. Con Air
    5. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

    • Adaptation & Matchstick are good calls. Gonna watch Kick-Ass tonight actually. I love 8MM!!! And yes, I was disappointed with Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant, but didn’t think it was THAT terrible…never bothered to see Knowing…

      • richardsblah says:

        I thought Bad Lieutenant was just boring. And the title was misleading. It was more like Quite Bad But He Has a Bad Back So We Can Let Him Off Lieutenant.

        Maybe I’m being a little harsh with 8mm, though. You’re right.

        • Haha, I know what you mean. I prefer Ferrara’s Bad Lieutenant anyway. Yeah, I thought 8MM was pretty gritty. I enjoyed that one. I think he’s done much worse — see The Wicker Man!!!

          • richardsblah says:

            God, yeah. That was a peculiar little venture. I’ll never understand how actors and filmmakers claim to be huge fans of movies and then set about remaking them. Badly.

            • Joel Burman says:

              Actually I dont think that the first wickerman (1973) was so good to begin with. Sure they should have skipped the family connection in the remake but otherwise it was a shot by shot remake. Can’t really blame Cage for that and I actually think he was quite ok in that one.

  2. Joel Burman says:

    National Treasure
    Face Off
    Family Man
    Gone in 60 seconds

  3. PL says:

    1. Matchstick Men
    2. Lord of War
    3. National Treasure
    4. Leaving Las Vegas
    5. The Rock

  4. Jen says:

    OK so I haven’t seen a movie this decade – this is what I got.

    1. Raising Arizona
    2. Peggy Sue
    3. Moonstruck
    4. City of Angels
    5. Leaving Las Vegas

  5. Heather says:

    Ha! On our fan page I asked for everyones least favorite Nic Cage flicks!

    I have a love/hate with the dude.

    But my favorite go like this:

    1. Leaving Las Vegas
    2. Adaptation
    3. 8MM
    4. Matchstick Men
    5. Con Air

    Least Favorite

    1. Ghostrider
    2. Next
    3. National Treasure 2
    4. Bangkok Dangerous
    5. Knowing

  6. Mike says:

    hm.. cant say i’ve seen enough movies by him to make a top 5 list, but
    i thought he was absolutely amazing in Kick-Ass

  7. 5. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
    4. Matchstick Men
    3. 8MM
    2. The Rock
    1. Raising Arizona

    Next time do his worst (except make it 10).

    • that’s actually a great idea – there are a number of them. Ha! Looking at his resume, I was surprised at the man good films. I love 8MM — would be my #6 for sure. I also enjoy The Rock and you know how much I love Matchstick Men.

  8. Nora says:

    Gotta love Sir Cage…

    1. Adaptation
    2. The Family Man
    3. Raising Arizona
    4. Moonstruck
    5. National Treasure

  9. Elias Asshole says:

    1. Raising Arizona
    2. Adaptation
    3. The Weather Man
    4. Wild at Heart
    5. Cona Air

  10. Castor says:

    Face/Off (obviously)
    The Family Man
    The Rock
    Matchstick Men

  11. Patrizia says:

    1. Ghost rider
    2. the family man
    3.Bad Lieutenant
    4Matchstick Men
    5.The Weather Man

  12. rtm says:

    I like your ‘Gimme’ post series, Peter. Funny, I was just at dinner earlier and was talking about Moonstruck with a girlfriend. I haven’t seen it but she LOVED it and raved about it. I’m really curious about it now.

    Anyway, here’s my top five (in random order):
    • Face/Off
    • The Rock
    • Family Man
    • It Could Happen To You
    • Con Air

    • Thank you, so much. I think it’s a nice weekly series…Raul Duke came up with the idea for me! Good choices here. Let me know what you think of Moonstruck. It may seem a bit dated now, but still a very good, funny, sweet film.

  13. Kirk says:

    1. Raising Arizona
    2. Leaving Las Vegas
    3. The Family Man
    4. The Rock
    5. National Treasure

  14. Olive says:

    1. Adaptation
    2. Leaving Las Vegas
    3. Wild at Heart
    4. Face Off
    5. Con Air

  15. Donna says:

    I love Nicholas cage!!! In no order…
    1. National treasure
    2. Con Air
    3. The Rock
    4. Family Man
    5. Face/Off

  16. Raul Duke says:

    Good Choice this week, I like Nic he’s a weirdo.
    1) Moonstruck
    2) Peggy Sue Got Married
    3) The Rock
    4) Raising Arizona
    5) National Treasure

  17. Corey says:

    Good choice for your #1 with Matchstick Men. However, I have to go with Coen Brothers whenever possible.

    1. Raising Arizona
    2. Matchstick Men
    3. Adaptation
    4. Wild at Heart
    5. Leaving Las Vegas

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