Fan Poll: What’s Your Favorite Superhero Movie?

Iron Man 2” was released early this month and has not given up the top spot at the box-office just yet. A good action-packed superhero movie is almost a surefire box-office smash usually results in a sequel or two to follow. With the widely anticipated Green Hornet movie coming out later this year and others in post-production, I wanted to see what your favorite superhero movie is. If I left your favorite off the list, just write me a nasty comment below. I have a tough skin…made of steel!

What is Your Favorite Superhero Movie?
Superman: The Movie
Batman (1989)
The Dark Knight
Spiderman 2
The Incredibles
Dick Tracy
Iron Man
X2: X-Men United
Batman Begins
A Film Not On This List

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9 Responses to Fan Poll: What’s Your Favorite Superhero Movie?

  1. Heather says:

    Prediction? The Dark Knight blows competition away!

  2. Nora says:

    It’s a tie, for me, between Batman Begins and The Incredibles! Side note, my copy of The Incredibles is signed by Holly Hunter (she was in a class of mine at college). TAKE THAT, superfans!! 🙂

  3. Pat Accordino says:

    I liked X-Men a more recent film, but I liked Superman .

  4. Raul Duke says:


  5. Destin says:

    Mask of the Phantasm

    • I never saw the animated movie, Deston. Obviously here, I was just listing the majority of big blockbuster superhero films. I should check it out though. Great to see you on here — I know you are a pretty big film fan. Hope you are well!!!

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