Results from the Mafia War!

I am hoping that with time and more content and yes, better design/layout of this site (still in the works) – that more traffic will come and more people will become regular readers of Magic Lantern Film. Right now, 30 people cast their votes in last week’s movie poll which posed the question: which is the better gangster film: “The Godfather” or “Goodfellas.” Thirty votes is somewhat respectable, but again, I’d like to see much more in the weeks and months ahead. Especially when I see the site getting over 150+  hits a day this past week. Anyway, thank you to all who participated and made their choice!!! Here are the results:

The Godfather: 68%
Goodfellas:      32%

Yes, Henry Hill will sleep with the fishes.
I’m thinking Clemenza voted at least 5 times here….


9 Responses to Results from the Mafia War!

  1. Raul Duke says:

    No surprise here. The fix was in. GF is the standard. The casting was perfect, the script unforgetable, YOU HAVE TO ANSWER FOR SONNY CARLO.

    • No fix…none at all. The movie speaks for itself. And yes, I love the way Michael looks in Kay’s eyes with a straight face when asked if he had Carlo killed and he simply says, “no.”

  2. Heather says:

    I think it could have gone either way, but The Godfather does deserve it’s respect, and I’m glad to see people showing it. These two films are the basic templates for where gangster movies have been, and where they are going. We are living in an age where gangster movies like Snatch have evolved, and with certainty things will continue to evolve. The arrival of “The Departed” showed that old school feel of gangster movies can still co-exist with the new age way of looking at things. Great topic to bring up, as of course, it’s right up my ally.

    • Very well put, Miss Mafia Boss. They are both extraordinary films. I would have been surprised if “The Godfather” did not win. Those who love it are loyal to it. In my humble opinion, I and II are the two greatest films ever made. Having said that, Scorsese’s film is brilliant too. Both deserve respect….

      • Heather says:

        Just wanted to let you know I am now watching Gangs Of New York to gather a fair appreciation for Daniel Day Lewis………..oh and a few other guys, and that one really famous director.

        • Ha! Great movie. He’s a bit over the top in that one, but he’s helluva lot of fun to watch. I love that movie. And to me, better than “The Departed.” Loved him in “Crucible,” “Unbearable Lightness,” “The Boxer” and of course, “There Will be Blood.” Let me know what you think!!!

  3. Michael says:

    Not surprised. Again, both good movies in their own respect. But, Bob DeNiro as Jimmy Conway in “fish-eye lens” glasses isn’t as scary as a horse head in my bed. Poor Fredo, never had a shot. “I’M STRONG! I’M SMAART!”

    Good poll. Now leave the gun, take the cannoli.

    • “NOT DUMB, LIKE EVERYONE THINKS I AM…I’M SMART!!!” Great scene, man! Love the Hail Mary scene with Michael looking out the winodw. It is here that Michael has sunk to the level of pure evil. Great stuff! Hope the next poll gets more voting.

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